Second Great Awakening

The local roots as well as spiritual heritage of First Presbyterian Church of Russellville, go back to the "Great Revival of 1800", also known as the "Second Great Awakening", which began in Logan County, Kentucky in camp meetings on the banks of the Red, Gasper and Muddy rivers. These included meetings presided over by the famous Calvinist preacher, Rev. James McGready. The Red River meetings soon swelled so large that at one point, approximately 20,0000 souls were in attendance. During the 2008 Bicentennial Celebration of the United Methodist Temple of Russellville, local church librarian-historian-archivist, Ms. Evelyn Richardson gave a multimedia presentation/lecture including local reenactments of the Red, Gasper and Muddy River camp meetings.

Having attended the Red River meetings in Logan County during 1800, in August of 1801, Presbyterian minister, Rev. Barton Stone, having returned home to Cane Ridge, in Bourbon County, began to host revival camp meetings in the Presbyterian Meeting House there. Soon joined by other Presbyterian ministers, Presbyters and congregations, Methodist ministers and lay people also joined and the revival fire blazed brightly as it had in Logan County. At one point, appx. 30,000 souls were in attendance. *Click Here* to link to Cain Ridge Meeting House website.

(photos are of Rev. Mike & Janis Humble in Red River re-enactment and are courtesy of United Methodist Temple of Russellville)